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Are Animals and Trees Killing Your Roof?

Residential neighborhoods where there is greenery and small wildlife can be wonderful places to live, a midway point between the city and the country.

Yet those tall, beautiful trees and some of those critters can end up costing you in roof repair bills!

If there are trees near your home, [...]

After The Storm – Why Choose A Local Roofer?

When the storm has passed and you find yourself in need of roof repairs, be careful when choosing a contractor.

It may seem convenient to call the number on that flyer that just happened to show up on your door a day or two afterward; however, you might want to [...]

Think Your Roofing Needs Repair? Here Are Some Top Signs!

Although it’s easy to forget about sitting way up on the top of your house, your asphalt shingle roof will not last forever.

You can actually prolong its serviceable life If you do pay attention to it and recognize when you might be in need of roofing repair.

Repairs when required [...]

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