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Are Animals and Trees Killing Your Roof?

Residential neighborhoods where there is greenery and small wildlife can be wonderful places to live, a midway point between the city and the country.

Yet those tall, beautiful trees and some of those critters can end up costing you in roof repair bills!

If there are trees near your home, [...]

How to Get A New Roof During COVID-19 With Some Digital Help!

The COVID-19 pandemic seems to have affected just about every industry out there, all in different ways.

Where roofing is concerned, it has made things a little challenging depending on local social distancing mandates as well as the need for at-risk people to stay isolated.

Yet roof repairs and new [...]

How Do I Find A Qualified Roofer To Fix My Roof?

Finding a qualified local roofer can be a real challenge considering how many of them there are out there.

To find one that will do a good job on a new roof or repairs, charge a fair price, and stand behind their work, start off by getting a few referrals [...]

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