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Roofing Warranties – What Homeowners Need to Know!

When purchasing a roofing replacement, it is very important to know what you are getting as far as the warranty is concerned.

Roof replacements are very expensive and warranties can be very complex, with lots of fine print to be deciphered.

The only way to know what is included in [...]

The Price of A New Roof – What Will Affect That Cost?

At a cost of many tens of thousands of dollars, a residential roofing replacement is no small home maintenance project.

Still, when your current roof has aged beyond its protectiveness, a new one installed by a residential roofing service is necessary.

How much will your roofing replacement cost? Consider these [...]

Roofing Inspections – Everything You Need to Know!

Regular roofing inspections by a qualified roof serviceroof is the first line of defense against damage that can slowly destroy a roof if not discovered and fixed.

Unfortunately, many people go for long periods without one, calling roofers only when there is a problem.

This break-fix approach can cause a [...]

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