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Why Is The Soffit So Important To Roof Integrity?

The roof over every home or building is comprised of many parts installed by roofers, each of which works together to create a single protective system.

One of the many less notable yet critically important parts of that system is the soffit.

The soffit is an essential part of a [...]

Architectural and 3-Tab Shingles – What Is The Difference?

When referring to roofing shingles, homeowners should understand the difference between 3-tab and architectural shingles before choosing based on price, because they are very different.

Shingle roofs are definitely convenient, reasonably durable, and cost-effective; however, not all shingles are created equally.

Today, many roofers recommend architectural shingles because they are [...]

Is Your Roof Ready to Hang Christmas Lights?

The holiday season is officially here and for roof services in the area, that means it is time to hang those Christmas and holiday lights on the roof!

Is yours ready to be decorated?

There are some important do’s and don’ts that roofing services recommend when it comes to installing [...]

What Problems Do You Have With Roofs in Georgia?

No matter where you live, weather-related damage to your roof is possible, although certain types of damage are definitely more prevalent in specific regions.

Roofers in Georgia certainly know that this goes for those living in their area as well, since the state sees its share of extreme weather.

With Georgia [...]

Will Your Roofing Material Last A Long Time?

Roofs are expensive, probably the most expensive single component on any home or building.

Costing tens of thousands of dollars even for a less expensive roof, you surely want to invest in a roof that’s going to last a while.

Do you know how long yours will last?

Though every [...]

Do You Know What Maintenance Your New Roof Needs?

So you just hired a roofing company to install a new roof on your home or commercial building and that structure will be protected from the elements for the next two decades or more - and things are looking good.

Do you know what happens next?

While you may not [...]

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