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How Do I Know Whether to Replace or Repair My Roof?

A new roof installation is no inexpensive home improvement project, so it is natural for homeowners to want to put it off as long as possible.

The time will eventually come, though, when roof replacement ends up being the better option over putting money into roofing repairs.

Even homeowners who [...]

Do You Know The Vital Concealed Features of Your Roof?

Though the shingles, panels, and rafters are the most prominent part of any roof installation, they make up only half of the critical structures that comprise a whole roofing system.

To fully appreciate how the whole system functions to keep the inside of your home protected from the elements and [...]

What Can Cause Brand New Roofing to Fail?

If you’ve recently had a new roof installation, you most likely expect your structure to last a lifetime or several decades, at the very least.

Still, sometimes roofing may fail to provide the service life it should, requiring frequent roofing repair or early replacement before it is even halfway through [...]

Total Roof Protection – Synthetic or Felt Underlayment?

Roofing underlayment is one of many essential components that make up a roof.

Available in multiple types, this seemingly insignificant layer places under the exterior roofing materials actually plays a critical role in how well any roof installation done by a professional roofing company performs.

Before assuming any underlayment product [...]

Do You Know Why Your Roof’s Drip Edge Must Be Done Right?

Often improperly installed or simply forgotten altogether, a drip edge is a critical element of any roof.

This strip of metal that hides under the edge of the roofing is instrumental in its purpose, which is to keep water rolling off the roof from soaking the fascia and underside of [...]

Flat Roofs – Learning About Their Benefits!

Of all the roofing styles available to use on buildings and homes, flat roofs are among the simplest and cost-effective designs to consider.

Flat roofing is more commonly found on commercial buildings; however, it’s also a great option for homes with modern, contemporary, or minimalist design.

Consider these great [...]

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