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Ridge Vents – Their Value to Your Roofing System!

A critical key to maintaining a healthy roof that lasts as long as it should is working with a roof service that understands the significant role of good ventilation.

The presence of a ridge vent at the top of pitched roofing is a critical component that should not be omitted.


Misconceptions About Wind Damage to Your Roof!

When the storm winds blow, the chance that your roof could be damaged to the point of needing help from a roofer goes up.

Wind damage is one of the more common reasons why homeowners end up calling a roofing service, whether the cause is obvious from the start or [...]

Are You Taking Care of Your Roof’s Flashing?

Flashing is possibly the least noticeable, yet most important component of any roofing system other than the main roofing materials itself.

It is also probably the most troublesome component that is responsible for the greatest number of small roof leaks that turn into big problems.

To prevent leaks and other [...]

Roofing Inspections – Everything You Need to Know!

Regular roofing inspections by a qualified roof serviceroof is the first line of defense against damage that can slowly destroy a roof if not discovered and fixed.

Unfortunately, many people go for long periods without one, calling roofers only when there is a problem.

This break-fix approach can cause a [...]

Think Your Roofing Needs Repair? Here Are Some Top Signs!

Although it’s easy to forget about sitting way up on the top of your house, your asphalt shingle roof will not last forever.

You can actually prolong its serviceable life If you do pay attention to it and recognize when you might be in need of roofing repair.

Repairs when required [...]

Top Reasons Why Your Roof Does Not Love The Sun!

Did you know that one of the most common causes of damage that results in calls to roofer services for roof repairs is the sun?

Sun damage happens more often than you might think and in ways you may not know about.

While sunny days are often preferred, it is [...]

Spring – The Best Time For Roof Maintenance!

As spring season enters and winter finally passes, it is important to start looking at your home to see if there are any repairs or improvements that you can do.

This is especially important for your roof, since spring brings with it the heat of the sun as well as [...]

When To Consider Buying Impact Resistant Roofing Shingles!

Storms happen and when they bring hail with them, expensive hail damage roof repair can be the result.

If you live in an area where this kind of damage occurs frequently, one option to consider is impact resistant roofing.

Designed to withstand the impact of most hail, it could be [...]

Looking At Roofing Contractors? Here Are Some Useful Tips!

The most important part of having any kind of roofing work done, whether just repairs or a whole new roof, is finding the right roofing contractor to do it.

There are plenty of roofers out there to choose from, so finding the best one for your needs can be a [...]

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