A wood roofing replacement is one of the most beautiful and timelessly classic roofs a homeowner can choose for their house.

Before making this choice, it is essential to understand the degree of wood roof maintenance required as well as the pros and cons of wood roofing.

When hiring a wood roofing service to install shakes or shingles, consider the benefits of opting for this material as well as the disadvantages that come with it to make an informed decision.

The Benefits of Choosing A Wood Roofing Replacement

There are many reasons why a homeowner would hire a roofing service to do a wood shake or shingle installation on their home, making wood a very popular and sought-after roof:

  • Natural Beauty - A wood roofing replacement is one of the most beautiful roof choices for any home. Whether homeowners decide to stain it to maintain a rich color or allow the wood to naturally age to a silver-gray patina, wood shakes and shingles provide an aesthetically pleasing appearance that compliments many architectural styles.
  • Eco-Friendly and Readily Available - Made from a variety of durable species, wood shakes and shingles are made from sustainable timber and are completely biodegradable once removed from a roof.
  • Energy-Efficient - Wood is a poor conductor of heat, meaning it naturally prevents the passage of heat through the roofing material. Roofs made with adequate roof and attic insulation help to keep a home cooler in summer and warmer in winter.
  • Impact and Wind Resistant - Due to their thickness and stiffness, shakes and shingles that undergo good wood roof maintenance are durable against high winds and hail in regions that experience these weather extremes.

The Disadvantages of Choosing Wood Roofing

With all of those amazing benefits of choosing a wood roof replacement, homeowners should also be aware of the drawbacks involved to ensure they make the right decision for their budget and their home:

  • More Expensive - Depending on the style and grade of the shingles or shakes purchased, a wood roof can cost up to twice as much as a comparable asphalt shingle roof.
  • High Maintenance - Keeping a wood roof looking and performing its best requires a large amount of wood roof maintenance over the years, including cleaning, staining or sealing, and frequent inspections to monitor for leaks.
  • Leaks Common - As wood shakes and shingles age, they can shrink, dry, and crack, creating places for water to work its way under the roofing. Leaks are the most common damage that these systems experience, though they can be prevented with good roofing maintenance.
  • Predisposed to Rot and Pests - Since they are made from natural, organic materials, roofing services see many wood roofs affected by pests and insects that can cause damage over time. Wood is also predisposed to rotting, which deteriorates and weakens the installation over time in high-moisture climates.
  • Fire Safety - Wood is highly flammable and thus not recommended for homes in areas where there is a heightened risk of wildfires or homes that are close together. Homeowner's insurance premiums may be higher and applications of fire-retardant coatings may be necessary every few years.

Discuss Wood Roofing With An Experienced Roofing Service

A beautiful wood roofing replacement can be the perfect option for certain homes based on their style, location, and other considerations.

Still, there are both positive and negative points, including high wood roof maintenance requirements, to choosing this type of roof.

An experienced roofing service can help homeowners determine whether wood shakes or shingles are suitable for their home and budget or if a faux wood option such as look-alike asphalt shingles might be a more practical solution.

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