When purchasing a roofing replacement, it is very important to know what you are getting as far as the warranty is concerned.

Roof replacements are very expensive and warranties can be very complex, with lots of fine print to be deciphered.

The only way to know what is included in the roof warranty and the degree of protection that is included in the fine print of any included warranties is to discuss it all with the roofer service beforehand to understand it all.

Doing so will help to protect your investment and ensure that new roof lasts as long as it should.

Types of Roofing Warranties

Warranties on a new roofing replacement are complicated to say the least, in part because there are multiple types of warranty that homeowners must be aware of, each one warranting different things.

Overall, there are two main categories, manufacturer’s warranties and contractor's warranties, and within each there may be different sub-categories based on how the contractor and manufacturer offer protection.

Materials or Manufacturers’ Warranties

This warranty covers the quality and functionality of the roofing materials when correctly installed by a qualified roofer service, protecting against defects or other production-related failures.

Though this seems straightforward enough, do know that under the category of materials warranties there are two sub-categories: labor-only and full-system.

Labor-only warranties cover the labor required to have a new roof put on when a materials defect is blamed ;but not the actual replacement materials; full-system warranties cover both the labor and materials required for the warranted installation.

Covered materials usually include underlayment, roofing materials, and vents.

Workmanship or Contractor Warranties

This type of warranty covers the quality of the workmanship during a roof replacement by protecting against installation errors.

Workmanship warranties are offered by the contractor doing the work as a guarantee that their employees have been well trained to correctly install the chosen materials.

It is the roofer service giving their word that if mistakes are made, those mistakes will be corrected at their cost.

Other Important Warranty Details To Notice

Beyond the two main warranty categories, there are still other warranty varieties offered in conjunction or to further define them that include:

  • Original Cost Vs. Prorated - The former will cover up to what the roofing replacement originally cost to install, while the latter covers only a prorated amount based on the age of the roof at the time that the problem arises.
  • Standard Vs. Extended - Standard manufacturer's warranties provide a basic limited lifetime of protection that typically includes defect-related failures due to things like high winds, hail, and punctures. Extended or comprehensive warranties offer additional protection for more than just the shingles made by the manufacturer but also some additional components like underlayment, soffit and ridge vents, ice and water barriers, and more.

Additionally, homeowners should confirm with their roofer service about details like the expiration dates of the different applicable warranties, what damage is specifically not covered, and what actions or inactions will void the different warranties.

Warranties could be voided by failing to provide specific maintenance as required by the manufacturer or roofer or by having a different roofer than the original installer perform repairs or maintenance.

Be Sure A Roofing Warranty Offers Needed Protection

It is important that homeowners discuss all the minute warranty details about their roofing replacement to understand what is and is not covered in order to plan with their contractor how to best protect the money spent on this expensive home improvement project.

A dependable roofer service will be able to explain all the fine print that applies to the products being installed and the services being provided in a way that can help homeowners make a highly informed decision.

Getting a roof replacement involves more than just the work being performed today; it also involves the type of protection offered by the different applicable warranties and what must be done to take full advantage of that protection.

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