There are many roofing services available in every community, all of them ready to begin working on repairs and new roofs for home and commercial customers.

Which roofing contractor is the best one to call, though?

Before hiring just any roofer, screen candidates with these questions.

The right answers will reveal which roof repair service is skilled and reliable and which contractors should be avoided!


The first step in finding a trusted and skilled roofing service to hire for any roofing work is to determine how qualified they are to handle the job:

  • Reviews and References - Search online for reviews from past customers and ask the roofing contractor for references to call in order to see what other people are saying about them.
  • Insurance, Licensing, and Certifications - Does the contractor have all of these things that protect both the roof repair service and its customers? Certifications from materials manufacturers indicate a contractor who is well-trained in the proper ways to install specific products which can affect the warranty.
  • Knowledge of Local Building Code - In some locations, roofers must get a permit to install a new roof or adhere to specific codes when making significant changes.

Work Estimates and Inclusions

After finding a few roofing services that initially seem good, ask them about their estimation and pricing process:

  • In-person Inspections - Will the contractor come to the home or building and do a thorough, in-person inspection to fully scope out the size of the roof and its current condition before offering a price?
  • Ventilation Checks - Does the inspection include a ventilation inspection to make sure there is proper roof ventilation and document any necessary modifications that should be made to provide that? Without proper attic ventilation, a new roofing installation could be ruined by overheating.
  • Detailed Written Estimates - Is the contractor willing to provide a written, fully detailed work estimate that categorizes all parts of the work to be performed, all materials to be used, safety protocols, and who is responsible for clean-up and disposal of all waste materials?
  • Material Options and Qualities - What types of materials does the roof repair or new roofing contractor recommend and are they able to work within a specific budget? Are they certified to install these materials? Does the work include accessory materials like underlayment, ice and water barriers, flashing, and other components and what are the quality options for these components?


Lastly, it is essential to understand exactly what warranties are being offered with the work being performed, what they cover, and who is responsible for them.

Highly regarded roofing services provide multiple warranties that cover materials and workmanship, some honored by the service itself and others by the materials manufacturers.

Of course, for these warranties to remain valid, certain conditions may apply and should be thoroughly explained to prevent the accidental voiding of warranties by not following manufacturer or contractor instructions.

Find A Good Roofing Contractor by Asking the Right Questions

With so many roofing companies to choose from, making the right decision is critical for protecting a home or building owner’s investment.

This list of questions can get any customer in search of a new installation or roof repair work on the road to finding trusted, experienced contractors to do their work.

The end results of any roofing job is going to rest in the hands of the roofer who is chosen to do the work!

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