As roofing ages over the years, many homeowners wonder when is the right time to bite the bullet and invest in a new roof.

Naturally, no one wants to call a roofing company sooner than necessary, but failing to plan for a roofing replacement in time could lead to other costly problems.

When gauging whether the time has come, roofing contractors look for these main signs.

Waiting longer could result in paying for needless repairs when the better solution is to have a new roof installed instead.

1. Signs of Damage In the Attic

The first place to look for signs that it is time to start planning for that new roof is inside the attic.

Look for signs of water damage on the rafters and under the decking, which could mean there are leaks present.

It could also suggest there are ventilation problems which, after some time, could have caused widespread damage to asphalt shingles.

Also check for spaces where daylight can be seen through the materials.

If any of these symptoms are present, it is time to at least have a roofing contractor come and take a look to see if the issue can be repaired or if a new roof is a more cost-effective solution.

2. Condition of Existing Materials

No roofing materials last forever and depending on weather conditions, maintenance, product quality, and other factors, they might not even last as long as they should.

Regardless of the life expectancy of any materials, roofing companies will assess the current condition of the roof and use that as one of the numerous indicators that a new one is needed.

Materials that are suffering from widespread damage of any sort should be replaced before the whole system in general starts to fail.

3. Problems With Flashing and Seals

A single loose flashing or bad seal around a vent pipe or some other roofing protrusion can be easily repaired.

If most or all of the flashing is coming loose or all of the seals are dry-rotting or no longer functioning correctly, it might be time for a new roof.

Although it is possible for roofing companies to repair these areas, widespread failure suggests the high likelihood of water damage around every bad seal and piece of loose flashing, which should all be repaired.

4. Roof Rot, Mold, Moss, and Others

Vegetative growth like moss and algae on the roof or mold and mildew suggest a moisture problem with the roofing materials.

If this is cleaned off as a part of regular maintenance to prevent deeper issues, the roof might be fine.

Growth that has penetrated asphalt or wood shingles and resulted in rot is a more serious problem.

Roof rot, which affects the decking and rafters and can cause sagging, is a red flag that a new roof is needed right away.

5. General Age of the Materials

Beyond the obvious problems that warn that it is time for a new roof, roofing contractors also look to the age of the installation as well.

Sometimes, even though there have been no leaks or other problems, the age of the materials suggests that problems are around the corner.

Any roof that is reaching or beyond its life expectancy for the materials should be replaced in the near future because it will only last so long.

Rather than waiting for any damage to occur that could entail greater cost to the homeowner, it is better to arrange for a new roofing installation soon.

Save Money By Replacing Roofing At the Right Time

No homeowner wants to pay for a roofing replacement before it is necessary, but waiting too long can cost more than it saves.

Roofing companies recommend watching for any of the above signs and arranging for a new roof if they start showing up.

Even better, for homeowners with old roofs that are reaching their age expectation, start planning a little early with a roofing contractor for a future replacement so there are no surprises to deal with.

The best time to get a new roof at the best price is when it does not become an emergency situation!

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