It’s storm season in the south and that means residential roofing companies are busy doing repairs and helping homeowners prepare for bad weather.

Still, storm damage happens and when it does, roof contractors recommend acting fast to resolve it.

Follow these guidelines to facilitate the process of obtaining roofing repair as soon as possible once the bad weather has passed! 

Check For Storm Damage Right Away

Homeowners should always check their roofs for storm damage after hurricanes and other strong storms have passed as soon as possible.

Residential roofing contractors recommend visually inspecting the roof system either with binoculars or carefully with a ladder to look for obvious problems.

Detecting damage as quickly as possible is important, especially if more bad weather is on the way.

Prompt inspections and roofing repair reduce the chance of overlooked problems worsening over time and causing more damage.

Know What Type of Damage To Look For

Assuming the roof was in good shape before the storm, residential roofing companies recommend looking for obvious damage like broken shingles, missing flashing, protrusions through the roof, and other less obvious problems.

Search for leaks under the roof and elsewhere in the house, dampness and musty odors inside, and mold growth that can happen after only a few days.

In addition, look for evidence of hail damage, soft decking, damaged gutters, and anything else that does not seem right.

Practice Safety First

Once discovering roofing damage, homeowners should consider personal safety first depending on the type of damage present.

Roofing contractors recommend turning off the electricity to the home and vacating it if damage includes protrusions through the roof, trees falling on the house, and other structural issues.

If leaking is the issue, electrical appliances and components in the immediate area should be unplugged and personal belongings should be removed.

Contact Homeowners Insurance Companies

After safety measures have been taken, roofing companies recommend informing homeowners' insurance companies about the damage and taking direction from them.

In most cases, insurance agencies will arrange for an adjuster to come and view the damage that requires roofing repair, but also give the go-ahead to contact a roofer for emergency repairs as needed to minimize additional damage.

Reach Out to Roofing Contractors Who Can Help

Lastly, with a personal assessment of the possible damage made and the insurance company informed, homeowners should contact a local roofer who can decide with them how to handle the damage.

Roofing contractors may come to do temporary repairs if more bad weather is on the way, send someone to do a more detailed inspection, or start permanent repairs as soon as their schedule permits.

Arrange for Residential Roofing Repair Once the Storm Is Over

When storm damage happens, homeowners must be proactive in getting residential roofing repairs made quickly to protect their houses.

Following these steps, they can determine whether they need to reach out to a residential roofing company to arrange for damage repair.

Those who are unsure about the condition of their roof after a hurricane or other extreme weather can also arrange for a professional inspection after the storm passes to ensure no damage is missed.

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