A metal roof replacement is a great option for a long-lasting, durable, and eco-friendly installation.

Still, metal roofs do require some degree of care from qualified metal roof contractors to keep them in good condition.

One method for keeping an installation looking good and most durable against the factors that might make metal roofing repair necessary is adding a protective coating. 

Should A Metal Roof Have A Protective Coating Applied?

Every metal roof replacement sold comes already finished with at least a coat of weatherproof paint that seals the finish to reduce the effects of the weather and slow down the chance of the metal rusting.

Depending on the paint color, the local climate, and many other factors, that coating will only protect for so long before it starts to wear and fade.

Once it does, the possibility of surface rust taking hold increases, as does the chance that if left unprotected, metal roofing repair to remove rust or seal leaks will become necessary as more time passes. 

So while each correctly applied installation by a qualified metal roof contractor usually starts out fine, within a few years as the protective paint coating wears off, things can start to change.

The sealant properties of that coating will wane, the paint pigment will fade and start to look older, and it is possible for surface rusting to start in areas where the coating is the thinnest.

To prevent all of this from happening, roofing manufacturers recommend periodically re-coating the installation with a high-quality metal roof sealant. 

What Should A Homeowner Look For In A Metal Roof Coating? 

Because protective metal roof coatings must be formulated to withstand weather extremes, the best products are quality-rated by the ASTM based on a series of standards that help consumers choose the best product for their roof and their climate.

Quality elastomeric metal roof coatings are tested on their elasticity, moisture gain and resistance, peel adhesion, tear resistance, coating strength, and other factors.

As such, an elastomeric coating applied by a metal roof contractor and then refreshed every few years as suggested by the product manufacturer can provide essential surface protection and sealing properties to prevent damage to the metal. 

How Will A Metal Roof Coating Protect A Roof?

Most importantly, a quality elastomeric protective coating applied to a metal roof will re-seal the roof in areas that have lost sealant over time and prevent moisture from affecting the metal.

In addition, these protective coatings also provide added UV protection to keep these roofs more energy-efficient, reduce the chance that surface scratches and scuffs will reach down to the base material and allow rusting that could require metal roofing repair, and make the roof look newer, with a fresh coat of pigment being applied in the sealant.

Metal roof coatings also provide more moisture resistance, greater fire resistance, and when applied after a thorough cleaning, prevent the growth of mold and algae. 

Protect Metal Roofs With A Quality Sealant Coating

A metal roof replacement is a great investment in roofing that will far outlive many other types.

The best way to keep that roof looking and performing well without the need for metal roofing repair as it ages is with a periodic coating of a quality metal sealant product.

When applied by an experienced metal roof contractor once the original coating starts to wear, periodic new coats of sealant will ward off rust, keep the roof watertight, and looking beautiful at an affordable price!

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